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Custom tailored, private, Key West fishing charters

DEPOSITS: A deposit of 20% is required to confirm your charter and must be received no later than 14 days prior to fishing trip. We accept Visa or Mastercard.  This deposit reserves the boat and captain for your selected day and length of trip.  A conformation will be emailed to you.  If deposit is not received by the due date, the fishing trip may be automatically canceled without notice.   All trips are private charters and include bait & tackle, rods, licenses and coolers with ice.


Failure to cancel within 48 hours of charter will result in loss of deposit.  If trip is cancelled less than 48 hours prior to trip, or fishing group is a no-show, then customer is responsible for full balance of trip.


The balance of the trip must be paid in full prior to leaving the dock.


TERMINATION OF THE TRIP: The charter operates under the authority of the Captain. The Captain has the authority to terminate the fishing trip in the event of unacceptable conduct by the fishing party.


Detection of usage or possession of narcotics, marijuana, or the possession of firearms by any of the fishing group, will result in the termination of the trip and forfeiture of all moneys paid.


The Captain shall not be held liable for any injury or fatality that is caused by either direct or indirect action of any member of the fishing party.


Misuse of the boat or equipment is prohibited and is grounds for canceling the fishing trip without refund.


INCLEMENT WEATHER POLICY:  Your Captain reserves the right to cancel or delay the start of your trip if there is inclement weather that may be considered dangerous or unsafe. 


SEASICKNESS POLICY: While our hope is to avoid seasickness, if the charter requests to return to the dock for seasickness, you will be responsible for full payment of the trip regardless of length of time remaining on the charter.



Baggage, personal items, and personal equipment are the sole responsibility of the owner at all times.  Do not bring any unnecessary items so as to reduce risk of loss or damage. 


For your safety, glass bottles or other glass items are not allowed on board the boat.


We are an ecofriendly charter- No trash, garbage, or other materials are to be thrown overboard into the water.


Children age 12 and under must wear a personal flotation device. Please assist in making sure that children comply. We will provide you with approved life jackets.


The fishing party is limited to 6 persons including children.


RECONFIRMING YOUR TRIP: The Captain will call you between 5 and 6 PM the night before to confirm.  You should arrive at the dock 10 minutes before scheduled departure


KEEPING YOUR CATCH:  We aim to be stewards of the environment.  We practice catch and release for many of our species, and follow FWC guidelines for season and size.  You are welcome to take your legal limit of the fish that are good to eat, but we ask that you do not take more than you will be able to eat.  Hurricane Hole Marina has a great restaurant that is happy to cook up your fresh catch for you.



Alcohol is allowed on the charter.  No hard drugs or firearms.


Limit your baggage:  We have coolers and ice for your beverages and snacks.


Hurricane Hole Marina has a well-stocked ships store for any last minute needs.



  • Dress accordingly.  Bring hats, sunglasses, UV Protection shirts/clothing and suntan lotion.  Bring a pullover in winter months.

  • We provide water on the boat, but it is recommended you bring extra hydration such as Gatorade or Vitamin Water.  With the sea breeze, it is often difficult to tell how much you sweat, so it is important to drinks lots of fluids.

  • Bring some snacks.  Keep in mind you are fishing, so small, hand-held snacks and lunch items are recommended.

  • We recommend you take precautions against SEASICKNESS.  Take motion sickness medication prior to getting on the boat and keep in mind that the amount of fun you have the night before will impact how you feel on the boat in the morning.

GRATUITIES:  It is customary to tip your CAPTAIN a gratuity of 15-20% of the trip for great service.  Fish cleaning and fileting services is available.  If a MATE is requested, an additional gratuity for the mate is expected


Speak with Captain Russ to ensure your perfect day

Call 732-800-1539 or click here

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